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Gyventi verta…

Gyventi verta, nes egzistuoja meile… Tikrai, gyva, visa apimanti meile…


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  1.   massage rašo:

    I feel that may be an enchanting point, it made me think a bit. Thank you for sparking my thinking cap. On occasion I get such a lot in a rut that I just feel like a record.

  2.   Delaware Retirement communities rašo:

    Womens bracket challenge? Im game. Can I name my bracket Samantha Prahalis Private Jet or does it not work like fantasy baseball/football?

  3.   landscaping Wilmington Delaware rašo:

    James lafferty in cowboys clothesniiiice!

  4.   Sergio Ephriam rašo:

    I agree Ann. This show is propaganda for the Banksters! They got somebody who is bright and eloquent with just enough of an accent to make him sound authoritative on the subject. They picked through the pieces of financial history that fit their agenda. The agenda was to make people think that the worldwide financial system somehow manages and regulates itself when misallocation of capital takes place for whatever reason. This is wrong! Capital is purposefully directed to be misallocated by those who are in control of issuance of money in the first place. It was a well done piece of propaganda however. And I suspect it will help keep some of the sheeple in the dark even though they think they understand NOW.

  5.   Stewart Jover rašo:

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